Influencer Marketing Events

Want to interact with influencers in-person or have a live in-store event? We can handle almost anything.
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Leave a lasting impression on influencers with memorable events organized by Obviously

As much as they love social media, nothing gets influencers more excited than an invitation to an exclusive event with your brand.  Obviously has thrown events for major brands like Uniqlo, and we’ll pull out all the stops to make your event one to remember.


Whether you’re planning a product launch, store opening, party, or festival, Obviously can plan the perfect event that focuses on your goals while providing a memorable experience for your guests.



Influencer events require a huge amount of organization.  With Obviously, every detail from decor to transportation to promotion is covered.

Inviting influencers

Obviously identifies great influencers in your area and makes sure they get to your event.  Influencers for events will always be on-brand and excited to work with you.

Maintaining relationships

After a great event, it’s important for brands to keep up the relationship they’ve started with influencers.  With Obviously, you can re-engage influencers who attended your event on all kinds of future projects. After attending a fantastic event, influencers will be highly committed to your brand and eager to do more.