Who we are

We are a team of best in class marketers and technologists who are obsessed with pushing the cutting edge of influencer marketing. When you work with us expect to be impressed by a dedicated and strategic account team, consistent updates to our technology, and a vast network of high performing influencers that can't wait for their next project with you. Reach out to get started!

Mae Karwowski
Founder + CEO
Mae built Obviously from the ground up, before brands even knew what influencer marketing was. She has since collected a team of experts and innovators to turn her vision into a reality, and built a client roster of some of the most iconic brands in the world.
To see more about Mae's history in social and thoughts on the influencer marketing space, check out her Linkedin. To catch a glimpse of her globe-trotting and generally bad-ass CEO things, check out her Instagram.
Max Domain
Founder + CTO
Max oversees engineering and ops for Obviously. He designed our proprietary platform, Studio, and works every day to keep our tech on the cutting edge of the influencer space and beyond.
To learn more about Max's past as a tech entrepreneur, check out his Linkedin. To understand just how French he is, check out this picture of baguettes.
Miriam Wakim
Head of Operations
Miriam manages our accounts team and runs high profile campaigns. She also organizes the feedback from our account managers and clients to guide the strategic decisions and improvements made within the platform.
To see how Miriam went from a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies to the Head of Operations, check out her Linkedin. To learn more about her true loves (her cat Buddy, the Mets, beer), check out her Instagram.
Dennis Gesumaria
Head of Sales
Dennis helps carve out and execute our overarching sales strategy. He specializes in matching up brands with the exact services they need to reach their marketing goals.
To read up on Dennis's extensive ad-tech sales background, check out his Linkedin. To keep up on his travels, culinary feats, and a whole lot of toothy smiles, check out his Instagram.
Marcela Lemus
Head of Fulfillment
Marcela runs our fulfillment center in SF. She coordinates hundreds of shipments a week, all over the world.
For evidence of her logistics organization, run a campaign with us. For proof of her coffee addiction, check out her Instagram.
New York
241 Centre Street
New York, NY, 10013
San Francisco
930 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA, 94133
50 rue Saint Lazare
Paris, 75009

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