How to Leverage Instagram Stories on your Influencer Campaign

August 23, 2018

Influencer Marketing, like social media as a whole, is constantly evolving.  The most popular trends on social media rapidly become trends in social media marketing, and it is important for brands to stay on top of what’s happening the digital sphere.  Instagram Stories are one of the most popular ways for influencers to connect with their audiences, and they can be incredible tools for brands looking to raise awareness for their products on social media and build community.

Here are the top 3 reasons that brands should consider running an influencer campaign on Instagram Stories:


While Instagram Stories may lack some of the polish of permanent Instagram posts, they make up for it with authenticity and relatability.  Because they are created in-the-moment, stories are perceived to be accurate reflections of an influencer’s thoughts and feelings. It’s through stories that audiences get a sense for an influencer’s personality and peek into their daily life.  Stories give audiences the feeling that they know an influencer personally, and are especially trusting about advice received through stories.


Switching Up the Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm, which favors certain posts over others based on a variety of factors, has had a negative impact for some brands and influencers, who feel their posts aren’t being seen by as many of their followers.  A thorough understanding of the algorithm and how it works can offset these challenges, but using Stories is a great way to sidestep the issue. Stories use an entirely different algorithm than the regular feed, increasing the chances that your content will be seen by more and different people.  Switching up your content between posts and stories is great way to ensure that your message will reach as many people as possible.


Because Stories are only visible on a temporary basis, audiences are less likely to be turned off by repeated brand content.  Stories can therefore be gamified - transformed into competitions, motivating influencers to create more content.  305 Fitness was particularly successful with this method, offering influencers free classes for continued posts.  This, along with their bright, trendy aesthetic, has launched the brand to be one of the most popular gyms on social media. (Learn More about 305 Fitness’ successful Stories campaign here.)

 Stories campaigns are a great way to generate more content, spark an ongoing relationship with an influencer, and craft a fun collaboration that will make them want to work with you again and again.  They leave a lot of room for creativity in terms of both content and structure, and can be a refreshing change for both influencers and audience members.



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