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We Handle Everything

We handle everything

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Current Tech Offering

As Influencer Marketing evolves, so does our technology. Look at a few programs we offer now:

Audience insights
Audience Insights

Using computer vision and language parsing, we dive deeper into influencer content and audience engagement to draw out actionable insights for your company.

User experience
User Experience

Delete that spreadsheet of every influencer you work with - now you have access to our powerful database. Our platform is easy to use and extremely efficient. Track the number of hours your team saves by working with Obviously.

Logistics and Unboxing Experience

Want unboxing videos on Youtube, Instagram Stories and Snapchat? Create Love-At-First-Sight moments with our custom box designs and shipping services. It's all fully integrated into the platform, so you approve and we ship.

Email capture
Email Capture and Sampling

Want to capture new email addresses from influencers' audiences? If you have samples or discounts to offer, we can add this to any of your influencers campaigns. This opens a whole new way to measure ROI for your brand, too.

Social promotion
Paid Social Promotion

We manage paid social budgets to further amplify influencers' organic reach. By placing media buys through influencers' accounts we can show excellent results. Talk to us about optimizing your media spend to promote your influencer network.

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