Influencer Marketing Additional Services

We offer a number of additional campaign add-on services like obtaining image usage rights, custom lead gen targeting, customer surveys & more.


Obviously offers a wide range of additional services to maximize your influencer experience

Every campaign is different, so Obviously offers a wide range of add-on services, guaranteeing you get the most out of your influencer campaigns.

Image Usage Rights

Our streamlined process allows you to easily purchase influencer content via our platform and use it on your own website and advertising materials.

Custom Lead Generation

Obviously influencers post links to samples, giveaways and discounts that guide audiences to trackable party landing pages, where we can collect emails and generate tens of thousands of warm leads.

Custom Packaging

Not only will Obviously’s fulfillment center deliver your products to influencers quickly and efficiently, we can also package your projects to reflect your brand and create fun unboxing experiences for influencers.

Custom Surveys and Polls

Influencers interact with their audience with polls and surveys, which both provide you with valuable customer information and generate conversation about your brand on social media.

Other Services

Have other ideas? There truly is no limit to Obviously’s abilities when it comes to digital marketing. Let us develop the perfect campaign for your brand!