Influencer Marketing Network Management

Our proprietary platform streamlines the Network management process, giving our clients the ability to focus on building authentic relationships


We manage your Network so you can build relationships

We manage your network through every step of your campaign, from identifying influencers, to managing relationships, to re-engagement.

Identifying Influencers

We search our network of over 40K influencers for creatives who are a perfect match for your brand, presenting you with a strong variety to choose from within a range that makes sense.

Platform _ Identification_FinalChoice.png


Communications Management

While many brands imagine that influencers prefer to communicate directly with them, the reality is that keeping dozens of individual influencers happy at all times is a big job. When brands attempt to do this alone, influencers sometimes fall through the cracks, which can lead to frustrations.

When an influencer has concerns during a campaign, Obviously manages them quickly and positively, keeping them happy and you free from stress. This guarantees the influencer will have a positive impression of your brand.

Campaign Processes

Obviously guides influencers through every step of the campaign, altering them when their products have arrived, offering advice on content, and screening posts for quality.


Community Building

After your campaign, you decide which influencers you loved the most.  At this point, we can either connect you with them directly for future campaigns or continue managing the relationship for you- or both!  We will then reach out to another group of strong candidates for your next campaign. Over time, you will build an elite network of influencers uniquely committed to your brand.