How to Save 75% on Content for Digital Marketing

September 3, 2019

Between content for digital ads, email marketing, and populating owned social channels, digital marketers need a robust library of content to do their jobs. But the costs of creative direction, photography, production, and licensing costs add up quickly and can end up costing around $750 per asset. That simply isn’t a sustainable price for the volume of content most marketers require. 

That’s where influencers come in. The value of influencers isn’t just their reach -- that’s only the starting point. Top quality content for the right price and with the diversity brand’s need for their entire marketing mix make influencer content an ideal solution.                 


Influencers are influencers because they’re creating the kind of content your potential customers want to see. They know how to showcase brands and products in a way that is authentic and timely. Because many creators work closely with photographers or use their own professional equipment, they’re not only the perfect creative directors and stylists, but they’re also producing content that’s as high quality as traditional methods. 

Prices for influencer content varies, in part because of the wide range of reach and demand. But while reach may be the KPI for many campaigns, size doesn’t matter when it comes to getting good content. Brands can get professional quality content from influencers of all sizes, even nano influencers with as few as 1,000 followers. By working with smaller influencers, brands can build out an affordable army of creators and reap a diversity of content to meet every marketing need.

High quality influencer content that meets the wide range of uses digital marketers need can come with digital licensing as affordable as $150 an asset (with huge price breaks at scale) — that’s ONE QUARTER OF THE PRICE of traditional content generation! 


For modern digital marketers, influencers should be a core component of your strategy, not only for the  benefits of traditional influencer marketing (reach and recommendations from the creators your customers are already following), but also because their expertise in content and affordable licensing means it’s a cost-effective way of getting the content you need for the rest of your marketing mix.


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