Fuijifilm invited influencers to their exclusive event. Here’s why.

October 30, 2019

Influencers are the newer, faster source of word of mouth recommendation in the digital age, and brands have taken note.

Fuijifilm demonstrated that they’re ahead of the marketing curve by including 40 influential content creators as the guests of honor at their highly anticipated launch party for the Instax Mini Link Printer. The brand understood that their products are popular with young, social media savvy consumers - the same audience that is especially tuned in to influencers.

The colorful environment was designed especially with influencers in mind, featuring fun photo-ops like a mirror wall, photo booth, and lounge area. A live DJ played and refreshments circulated while content creators experimented with the new printer’s features. In turn, influencers shared their experience on social media, drumming up excitement. 

Here’s why influencers are an essential component to making product launch activations a success. 


Creators as Brand Ambassadors

The event featured four speakers: two Fujifilm executives and two enagaged communities. Their followers trust what they have to say and are familiar with their ongoing partnerships with Fujifilm. Sora and Lily talked about the fun and creative ways they use the Mini Link Printer, which both set the tone of the event and peaked their followers' interest in the new product.

IMG_7053 (1).JPG

Real-Time Storytelling

Audiences followed the evening as it unfolded through in-the-moment Instagram Stories. Followers could share reactions and pose questions about the product in real-time, expanding the experience beyond the event itself and building up a community around the product.


Capturing the Spirit

The printer pairs with a Mini Link app that's designed to make it easier to share photos and collaborate with friends. In this spirit, all 40 influencers used the app's Party Mode feature to contribute to an interactive art installation that evolved throughout the evening. Their followers watched as the collage grew and changed in real-time, expanding with every photo added during the event and creating a one-of-a-kind work of art.

IMG_3432 (1).JPG

On-The-Spot Tutorials

In addition to collaborating in Party Mode, the Mini Link app is full of other distinctive features like creating collages, adding filters, and even taking fun compatibility tests with friends. By sharing videos of the product and app in action, influencers showed their followers exactly how it works and cutting down on the time it takes new users to master the product.


Influencers are continuing to disrupt every form of media and lift the curtain between brands and their customers. By bringing influencers into their inner circle, Fujifilm formed a stronger bond with their communities and kicked off another way to organically spread the word about their Mini Link Printer -- and right before the Holidays! 


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