Here’s what’s coming in 2020 for influencer marketing

December 18, 2019

The Obviously team recently analyzed our 2019 data, all our campaign content, and industry headlines to map out the year behind and the year ahead. Here are some of the most important evolutions we see coming in the 2020 influencer marketing industry.



1. The Year of the Brand Ambassador.

2020 is the year of the Brand Ambassador. We’re seeing more brands move to this model of relationship building because long-term is better for brands and influencers alike. For brands, this establishes a network of content creators who are invested in the brand’s success and genuinely know and love their products, while also offering repeat exposure with the same audiences month after month. For influencers, posting about the same brand over a long period of time gives their sponsored content more authority and authenticity.


2. Strategy is going to become everything.

Platforms and technology are changing rapidly and shifting the industry landscape. At the same time, brands are investing huge new budgets in influencer marketing, and with those budgets, we’re going to see more demand for optimization and long-term strategy. Only experts with the tech and the chops to stay ahead are going to succeed in the year to come.


3. Diversity and inclusion.

Influencer marketing has been an incredible catalyst for change in representation in advertising. Brands who don’t make this front and center in their 2020 culture and advertising do so at their own peril.                 


4. Gen Z Rising.

Gen Z is coming of age, finding their voice, and creating trends in the process. We’ll see brands and marketers pay more attention to this generation in 2020, from creating more content on TikTok to addressing Gen Z’s social values like sustainability and inclusivity.  


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What trends do you see coming in 2020?


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